A Professional Cleaning Service makes Your Business Look and Run Better

I know how it is. You are expected to increase profits year after year. And when income isn’t going up as expected, you usually look to cost cutting solutions. Renegotiate material costs, cut labor costs, etc. But did you know that hiring a professional cleaning service can increase profits enough to more then pay for itself? Let’s take a look at 3 of the benefits you will see from hiring a professional cleaning service, and how these benefits can increase your profits.

Increases Productivity

Your business will benefit from a professional cleaning serviceOne of the most obvious benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service is an increase in productivity among your staff. When your staff comes in to the office every day and sees a clean, inviting workspace, it set the mood for them to be productive. Studies have shown that when an employee feels that their superiors care about the business, then the employees will work harder, and one of the clearest ways to show your employees that you care about the business is to bring in a professional cleaning service to keep the business looking fresh.

Adding to the boost in morale that your staff receives from hiring a professional cleaning service, you will also not have to worry about your staff taking time away from their work to clean up. I am willing to guess that your staff is higher paid then office cleaners, (even though at BRAVO!, we pay our staff well to keep them motivated), Therefore, it is likely far less expensive to have our staff clean your business then to have your staff do it. After all, our staff is trained for this and can do it a lot faster then an unmotivated office staff, (because I doubt an accountant is very motivated to clean the bathroom.)

Reduces Sick Days

Did we mention training? A professional cleaning service is trained to clean. The understand what types of cleaning agents to use to get rid of germs, while still not damaging office equipment and furniture.

Sick employees cost businesses a lot of money. Whether it be because of paid sick days, or the reduced output of an employee who came to work, but just doesn’t feel well. Reducing sick days is a sure fire way to increase profits by keeping more of your staff at peak performance levels for more of the year. And not only are professional cleaners trained in what cleaning agents to use, they also know all the surfaces that germs like to hid on, and how to make sure they have been disinfected.

Improves First Impressions

When your business looks fresh and clean, it gives your clients and assured feeling the minute they walk in to your business. They can see that you and your staff care about the work they do, and they assume that your company will treat them better as a result.

Studies have shown that clients will go out of their way to visit a cleaner business because the feel more comfortable there. Studies have also shown that when a person feels more comfortable, they are willing o spend more.

So if you are looking for a way to increase profits this year, consider a professional cleaning service. Call BRAVO! Group Services today, and we will go over your options with you and set up a service that fits your needs and budget.

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