We have a different way of doing things in the south. Southern Hospitality is a big a deal, and that hospitality is more then just a kind word and a bright smile. It is also a clean, and inviting place to be. And if you want your business to be that, you need the best office cleaning company in Charlotte NC.

Why You Need The Best Office Cleaning Company in Charlotte NC

Best office cleaning company in Charlotte NCEveryone knows that clients prefer to be in a clean environment. It makes them feel that you take pride in your business, and therefore will do a better job for them. But did you know that when your office is clean and maintained, it also makes your staff feel like you care about them and the job that they do? This in turn drives them to work harder to do a good job for you. And when your staff is working harder, your clients are even happier. Now you would think that would be all the reason you need to give BRAVO! a call today, but here are a few more reasons you might want to think about.

BRAVO! Is Eco Friendly

It seems everyone is concerned with the environment these days, and that is a good thing. But in Charlotte, we are already surrounded by natures beauty, so sustainability is even more important. That is why BRAVO! strives to use eco-friendly cleaning methods, reduce the amount of materials we send to landfills and reduce our carbon footprint.

We have also created GreenPath. GreenPath protects human health and the environment inclusive of all indoor activities as well as maintenance and grounds services performed on the exterior. To learn more about GreenPath, click here.

BRAVO! Employs The Best

BRAVO! strives to put together a team that is self-motivated, trustworthy, courteous, reliable, friendly and dedicated. We constantly offer training to our staff to help them better themselves, and better serve our clients. Our employee turnover rate is 6% (compared to the industry average of 33%) because we hire the right people, and we treat them right, so they will do the right job for you. You can’t be the best office cleaning company in Charlotte NC if you don’t have the best office cleaning staff in Charlotte NC.

BRAVO! Does More Then Office Cleaning

BRAVO! provides fully-integrated facility support solutions including janitorial, healthcare EVS, electrical contracting, mechanical maintenance, mailroom support and additional facility support and outsourcing activities. This allows us to bundle services to fit the needs of your business and give you far more value for your dollar then if you were to find different companies to provides each of the services we offer. We understand that your business has unique needs, and we can provide you with as much, or as little support as you require.

So give BRAVO! a call today and find out for yourself why we are the best office cleaning company in Charlotte NC.

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